Linzertorte tray bake for Austria Day 2014

26 Oct

Linzertorte tray bake

Having recently moved house, I now live even further away from my home town and feel even more obliged to bring some proper (i.e. Austrian) culture to the people here. :)

And yesterday I learned that our Linzer Torte is the oldest known recipe to take its name after a place.

Two very good reasons to forego my traditional Mozartkugel muffins for Austria day and make Linzerschnitten (Linzertorte tray bake) instead!

The recipe is my dad’s wife’s, and I like it for a number of reasons, the two most important ones being that the tray bake is a) delicious and b) a lot easier to make than the original Linzer Torte.

They key convenience factor is that with this recipe, you can pipe on the dough grid with the help of a piping bag. You do not have to roll the dough into much too long sausage-like thingies and then try and weave a beautiful grid out of the awkward dough sausages.

(Alhtough now that I am writing this I feel like playing with awkward dough sausages… Next time!)

Anyway, back to this recipe. Another thing about it is that this tray bake is considerably less dry than the original torte. Personally, I like my Linzer Torte dry as hell. Linzer Torte is perfect if you have to drink cups and cups of coffee or tea with it just so you don’t suffocate. :)

But a lot of people are, for some reason, not fond of cakes which come with the risk of suffocation. (Weirdos!) And I am on a mission to bring culture to the barbarians, so I don’t want to scare them off with the very first cake. ;)


Happy Nationalfeiertag to all of you!


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