Little Green Monster Cake

18 Mar

Little Green Monster Cake

The best thing about a February Friday the 13th in a non-leap year is, of course, that there is another Friday the 13th coming right up!

I had about a thousand grand ideas — well, two. But hey, that’s not too bad!

And in any case, the universe, it seems, was not too excited about me having my way. Which is strange because it should have learned by now that only good things ever happen when I have my way…

Long story short, the only really nice thing that came out of my Friday the 13th baking was this little green monster cake. It’s a white chocolate cake with melted white chocolate, green food colouring and candy eyes :)

The rest of the cake had to be turned into a trifle, and the little green monster cake sat on top of the bowl. Resting on heap of crushed fellow monsters. That’s how I like them.


PS: Due to special circumstances, no St-Patrick’s-Day baking happened this year over here at Monsterbake. But since I am so late posting all this, the little green monster cake should count for both!


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