Flowery Apricot & Coconut Roulade

7 Jul


Flowery Roulade



Yesterday was not a good day. By the later afternoon, I was seriously annoyed with … well, everything.

This everything included the fact that I had not tackled any serious baking projects in a while, and with a special birthday coming up, I felt I really needed to get into the game again!

Among the things I had never made before were roulades, mostly because I am not a big fan of them myself. But, well, somebody likes them…

The other reason to make a roulade was the cake pattern thing I’d read about. I am not sure you can see it in my pictures, but the flowers are not on top of the roulade but baked into the cake instead. What you do is make a very small batch of batter, add food colouring, pipe shapes onto baking parchment, freeze it, and then pour the regular batter on top of the frozen batter pattern.



Flowery Roulade



I think the shapes turned out quite nicely. A tad too cute for my taste, but what can you do!? ;)

I did not want to use cream for the roulade filling because of current temperatures, so I made a sort of coconut pudding and added apricots. I think the combination works rather well.

Did my mood improve when I made the roulade, you ask? Well, food colouring usually helps. :D


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