Big Hairy Spider Cake for my most favourite arachnophobe’s birthday

19 Jul

Big Hairy Spider Cake


It was a very special day yesterday. I do love birthdays, or any occasion for a party, as long as I have a say in the guest list. But of course my man’s birthdays are always especially special! :)

Now this man of mine happens to be a serious arachnophobe. The only thing he might fear more is having to get up early in the morning.

I want you, dear reader, to believe me that I baked this cake in order to alleviate his phobia. Because it would be really cool if somebody believed that!


Big Hairy Spider Cake


The mouse in its almondibles (hee!) was a last-minute flash of inspiration; I think it’s a very nice detail. For a given value of nice, of course.

As for the cake, it’s a chocolate cake with a cherry and cream filling and chocolate frosting, not quite a Black Forest gateau, but a bit of a Black Forest wannabe. :) I cut the cake twice, horizontally, right as it came out of the oven. Then I put the top layer into a big bowl lined with cling film in order to get the shape of the spider body.

The rest is history. And lots and lots of chocolate.


Big Hairy Spider Cake



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