Pepernoten Christmas Cake in a Cinnamon Fir Forest

22 Dec


2015 Christmas Cake

We had our traditional (!) Christmas dinner last weekend. And would you believe it, I volunteered to bring a cake! :)

I made a pepernoten cake. Pepernoten are Dutch Christmas … biscuits? Things. Let’s agree to call them Christmas things. Also, italics.

So, yeah. Pepernoten. They taste a bit gingerbready and are very lovely. I made a quite moist sponge cake with bits of pepernoten in it. The bakpubliek liked it! :D



On top of the cake, I put loads of sparkly sugar stars. Because Christmas!


2015 Christmas Cake


For the fir forest, I’d baked cinnamon biscuits the previous day. I bought two more biscuit cutters especially because I wanted to have different shapes and sizes for the trees.



And there’s a dinosaur lurking in the forest! I didn’t have to buy an extra biscuit cutter for him, though. Surprised, are you?

Merrooooooooooooooooooaaaary Christmas!



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