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‘Tis the season … of the Walking Bread

29 Dec

The Walking Bread


Deck the halls with undead folly

Fa la la la la la la la la!


For this year’s advent I baked cute little gingerbread zombies. I used this recipe from for the dough, plus food colouring, royal icing and my beloved skulls-and-bones sprinkles.


The Walking Bread      The Walking Bread

The Walking Bread      The Walking Bread

The Walking Bread      The Walking Bread

The Walking Bread  The Walking Bread


Some of them are unhappy. I think it’s because they’re always hungry. That’s one of the things I would hate about being a zombie.

The ones who have just eaten tend to be a bit happier.


The Walking Bread      The Walking Bread



Black Sheep.

The Walking Bread - Black Sheep



zombie shark.

The Swimming Bread

Because I can.


Don we now our slowly rotting apparel

Fa la la la la la la la la

Troll the ancient zombie carol



Special Christmas Biscuits for Judy the Dog

27 Dec

Judy's Christmas biscuits

I wasn’t going to do much Christmas baking this year – mostly for lack of big Christmas family reunions with lots of already-overfull stomachs to fill even more…

I get the impression that Christmas biscuits aren’t such a big thing here in Northern Germany anyway. Which is a shame, really, and maybe I should confront my Barbarian friends here with more proper Christmas culture!

What’s even worse: my man’s family don’t do Christmas presents. You heard right, there are no presents by their tree. Zero.

Aaaand even worserer: just because they agreed not to do Christmas presents years ago, they think it’s okay for them to ban me from overruling this rule.

So I acquiesced.


Because then I thought, why try and overrule when you can undermine?


Long story short, I baked special Christmas biscuits for Judy the dog. She was not part of the family when the no-Christmas-presents rule was first introduced, so she never got to have a say in this matter! That’s not fair, is it!?

Judy’s Special Christmas Biscuits are made from oats, flour, egg, chicken broth and ham. I thought they were a bit dry and tasted a bit boring – but then I wasn’t the target group. And Judy loved them.

As did Lotte and Finn, my friends’ dogs, who also got a small box full of Judy’s biscuits. Because she likes to share. Or because I went behind her back…

Three happy dogs and one no-Christmas-presents rule successfully undermined: RESULT! :)

Gingerbread Cake

23 Dec

Gingerbread Cake

Happy Christmas!


In case you hadn’t noticed: I am  bit different.

And that’s only one of the reasons why I had my Christmas dinner on 22 December this year!

Oh, and what a wonderful dinner it was!

Lots of good food (if I may say so), lovely people, wonderful music, good wine, candles, thoughtful gifts and after dessert – a zombie card game!

Our dessert was a gingerbread cake based on a Polish recipe with a thick chocolatey icing and homemade Christmas spice raspberry jam as filling. Very yum and (almost) as satisfying as killing a playing card zombie, I’d say! ;)