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Backen für Wacken II / Wacken baking 2015

2 Aug

Wacken Muffins

By very vocal demand of a single person, I had to bake poppyseed cake for this year’s Wacken Open Air again. Last year’s seems to have gone down even better than I’d thought! :D

This year, however, I made muffins rather than a sheet cake for logistics reasons.*

Unfortunately, I did not have the time for intricate poppyseed cake decoration this time, so I made use of my lateste acquisition: food colouring pens!

In theory, you can use them to draw and write on your food without a problem.

In practice, sugar icing will break if your drawing and writing is not exquisitely tender. In addition, the colour will bleed out and blur a little over night, so you should have taken the pictures just when you were done decorating the muffins. Grrrr.


* Our driver banned fresh fruit or vegetables, as well as cakes, from his car, because he says neither are Heavy Metal. This is rubbish, of course. If these muffins are not Heavy Metal, I don’t know what is! \m/ So, anyway, I had to pack the muffins into boxes to pass his luggage inspection and smuggle the muffins on board.

As is usually the case when I break the rules, it was definitely worth it! The muffins got our gang through some very tough and very muddy times at the festival!


Happy New Year!

1 Jan


Another Baketastic Day!

29 Sep

Yesterday was another day I spent doing basically nothing but baking.

The occasion? My favourite cake eater is leaving the company he’s been working with for the last sixteen years, and today was his leaving do.

And because he’s so popular and has so many friends at work (especially on days when he brings cake), more than one cake was required.


I love my intense baking days, but they are always really exhausting, too, and I’m still rather tired today.

So I’m giving you my list of cakes baked yesterday in photos with no stories to go with them. Feel free to make up your own – the more gruesome, the better! :)


For those of who you like a challenge: spot the cake for which I used food colouring! ;)



Cherry And Mint Chocolate Tray Bake

Cherry And Mint Chocolate Tray Bake


Coffee Cream And Walnut Cupcakes

Coffee Cream And Walnut Cupcakes


White Chocolate Chip Cake

White Chocolate Chip Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting


Sesame And Pear Cake

Sesame And Pear Cake


Hazelnut And Courgette Balls

Hazelnut And Courgette Balls


Lemon Tray Bake

Lemon Tray Bake


Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

A Monster Wedding Cake

24 Sep

Cookie Monster Wedding Cake


So my friends asked me for a special wedding present: to bake their wedding cake. How reckless can one be!?

Yours truly felt insanely flattered though, especially since they specified two kinds of cakes I’ve made a few times before which they wanted. Compliments hardly come any bigger than that, do they?

As cake toppers, they asked me to bake Cookie Monster muffins like I’d done before, and to make one a girl cookie monster. As you know, I am always happy to comply with gender stereotypes, and even happier to dye desiccated coconut pink! :D

Voilà: A Monster Wedding Cake.




The three layers at the bottom are courgette cake – a hazelnutty cake with a hint of cinnamon, which is all lovely and moist from all the courgettes which go into the cake batter. The bride requested the courgette cake.

And the groom did not request anything.

He demanded my poppyseed cake for the top layers. :) Mr. Groom Man is a seriously massive fan of my poppyseed & yoghurt cake.


So I happily complied; I baked three courgette cakes and two poppyseed & yoghurt cakes and made a massive bowl of cream cheese & white chocolate cream to go between the cake layers.

The couple and I had agreed on a semi-naked cake, so I just added some vanilla icing on top of the cake and let it drizzle down the sides of the cake.


The worst part was transporting the cake to the restaurant where they had their reception! I am sure my man would have turned grey (if he still had any hair on his head) driving at about walking speed on a dual carriageway, and I had a heart attack, or two, or seventeen, every time we had to go around bends in the road or, even worse, roundabouts!

But we and the cake made it to the restaurant safely. Phew!

And it was a wonderful wedding, and a beautiful day starring a beautiful bride and a dashing groom.


Cookie Monster Wedding Cake Toppers

No, not them. I was talking about the actual bride and groom.

So here’s to a very happy married life for Alex and Evelien, who, if they ask me to bake a cake for their wedding anniversary, will have to transport it themselves! :-Þ

Rhubarb & Cinnamon Easter Bunny Muffins

15 Apr



It’s internationally recognised office etiquette that, when your employer gives you rhubarb a week before Easter, you bake rhubarb & cinnamon bunny muffins for your workmates!

My employer gave me rhubarb? What?

In the office where I work as a temp, they get a delivery of mixed (organic!) fruit every week for everyboy, which I think is awesome and a really nice (and not that expensive) way of keeping your employees healthy and happy. And this week, the fruit box contained rhubarb. Not something most people like to nibble on in the office.

So I got to take the rhubarb home with me.

I used it to make a lovely carrot & rhubarb jerk curry for myself — and rhubarb & cinnamon Easter bunny muffins for the office.

The bunnies are cut out from printed cardboard and glued onto toothpicks, quite easy to make but I think they do look cute. (Easy to make, that is, when you’re good at cutting out things. For me, the process involved quite a bit of cursing and swearing as usual.)


muffin bunnies

Bunny parade!


I really, really like these muffins. I like the rhubarb mixed into the batter better than, say, tray bake with rhubarb on top.

But that’s just my personal taste. Which we all know is a bit special. ;)


 Rhubarb & Cinnamon Muffins

Makes 12 muffins

400 g rhubarb
100 g + 4 tbsp brown sugar
300 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
2 eggs
200 ml milk
100 g butter

Cut the rhubarb into small pieces, mix it with 4 tbsp brown sugar, put it all into a small casserole dish or something similar and bake it in the oven at 200° C for 10 minutes. Then strain and let cool.
In the meantime, combine the rest of the sugar with the other dry ingredients.
Beat the eggs. Melt the butter. Combine eggs, butter and milk. Stir in the dry ingredients, then add the rhubarb pieces. No need for an electric whisk here; use a wooden spoon and do not overmix. Then off into muffin moulds the batter goes. Bake at 200° C for 25 to 30 minutes.
Add Easter bunnies. Give to workmates. Receive happy faces!


His & Hers Gender-Specific Stereotype Semi-Belated Birthday Muffins

24 Jan

Here you go, just in case you needed proof that all the gender studies classes I’ve attended in my life didn’t teach me anything:

His & Hers Gender Specific Muffins

I love how many things are wrong with these muffins!

These are for my friends’ birthdays. It’s hers today and it was his two weeks ago. And because we’re all educated and gender-aware and emancipated and … This reminds me of a student I knew who kept mixing up the words “emancipated” and “emaciated”, and I just thought that my little cakes could be seen as a remedy for either, hee!

Anyway, so yes, gender stereotypes for the win. (Don’t you just love the manly sugar sprinkle animals!?)

They are semi-belated because one of the birthdays was a fortnight ago. I’ve mentioned that. And “muffins” because that’s what they are. Wouldn’t you believe it. :) “Hers” is white chocolate & coconut, “his” dark chocolate & hazelnut.



(Oooh, I know a number of people who are going to hate me for this! Hee!)

Austria Day 2013 – Mozartkugel cakes

26 Oct


It’s Austria day!

My roommate had a go at me for not wearing a traditional Austrian dirndl today so I shut him up with a Mozartkugel cake. :)

2013 Mozartkugel cakes

Tradition says I have to bake these cakes every year, but this time I changed the recipe a little bit. I added ground hazelnuts and a tiny bit of bitter almond to the cake batter. And for the first time, every cake comes with one and a half Mozartkugeln, one is baked into the centre of the cake and another half a Mozartkugel sits on top. Just in case you were worried about not getting enough chocolate, which is a sin on every day but even more so on a special day like today!

Talking of special days, I would like to dedicate this post to a special person who will not get any of the cakes. Yes, I am mean like that. But I’m hoping she’ll appreciate the thought (and anyway it’s her fault for moving so far away).
She’s an expat who is missing only one red stripe in her country’s flag… ;) And she’s THIRTY today! Happy birthday Matylda!