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Poppyseed and Apple Crescents with a Lemon Sugar Glaze

15 Nov

Poppyseed and Apple Crescents

I had to make crescents today. It’s Tuesday! And what’s more, I had to try another incredibly simple recipe. I like challenges but I just cannot resist simplicity. No, that says nothing about my taste in men. How dare you! :-P

So anyway, I found this recipe for a great dough for crescents which you can make with sweet or savoury fillings. The ingredients are cheap and easy to handle, and of course the most important criterion is the taste. I give it full marks.

Husband and I both love poppyseed, so it was an obvious choice for the filling, and I think the apple goes so well with it. As does the lemon sugar glaze! Yum.

Fromage frais dough for crescents

500 g flour
500 g low-fat fromage frais
250 g margarine
1 dash salt

Knead all the ingredients into a nice big ball of dough. Let it rest in the fridge for at least an hour. Roll out the dough and be amazed that yes, this is in fact completely easily feasible without any additional flour on your work surface or the rolling pin. Cut into triangles (makes about 60), then fill with 1 teaspoon of the filling of your choice each. Roll them up, brush some whisked egg on them and bake them at 200°C for about 20 minutes.

The crescents have one big disadvantage though: I have not found a way to turn them into zombie mayhem crescents … yet.