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Gin & Tonic Cake for a Big Birthday

18 Feb



It was my friend Anne’s 30th birthday yesterday, and for some reason she decided not to hide in a hole to contemplate her old age but opted for a celebration instead. Each to their own, I say!

As our friendship is largely – not solely, but still – based on drinking G&T together, I thought it was the perfect occasion to bake this cake. I’d found the recipe on BBC GoodFood, as ever one of my go-to places for new recipes.

But I added a twist: rather than deciding not to follow the instructions exactly, this time round I simply … screwed up a little bit. Because I am subconsciously creative like that.

As a consequence, the texture was not ideal. But I was really pleasantly surprised that the cake actually tasted somewhat of Gin & Tonic! And I loved how a number of people at the party were really confused by a cake with cucumber decoration. :D


I am definitely going to make this cake again, although I am not a massive fan of the icing. I didn’t use all of it, and I still thought it was bit much, and a bit too sweet. Maybe I’ll experiment with cream-cheese based stuff the next time.

This is the point where I’ve run out of mildly interesting things to say. I hate having to come up with closing words.

Hang on, I’ll think of something in a moment …




Volcano Scenery Cake for Dissertation Origami Dinosaurs

28 Feb

Volcano Cake

This last weekend, we had a double-barrelled party. It is not usually my style to combine two occasions into one party; I am much more likely to have multiple parties for one and the same occasion of course!

But. Life is what happens to other people while you’re busy planning your cakes, as the old saying goes. Also, life gets in the way. Two and a half weeks ago, it was my birthday, but I was living la vida poca at the time and therefore couldn’t celebrate properly.

And then a second party occasion had unfolded in the meantime. I finished the work on my dissertation, which left me exhausted, confused, and in possession of about 700 pages of text printed for proofreading purposes.

What does one do with all that paper? Why, make origami dinosaurs of course!


Raptorus Dissertationis





And then you have to bake a cake volcano so they feel at home. Obviously.

The ground is a white chocolate sheet cake with a dark chocolate cream, green desiccated coconut for the grass and some blue vanilla pudding for the lake.

The volcano is a lovely courgette and hazelnut cake with chocolate icing and orange vanilla pudding lava. (E numbers are your friends, remember!)



Getting the volcano shape right proved too difficult for me, as you can see. But it takes all sorts, I have learned, and why shouldn’t this apply to volcanoes as well!?

On the plus side, I had bug-shaped sugar sprinkles to add some more (and also edible) wildlife:


All in all, a cake worthy of the occasions, methinks!

Gingerbread Cake

23 Dec

Gingerbread Cake

Happy Christmas!


In case you hadn’t noticed: I am  bit different.

And that’s only one of the reasons why I had my Christmas dinner on 22 December this year!

Oh, and what a wonderful dinner it was!

Lots of good food (if I may say so), lovely people, wonderful music, good wine, candles, thoughtful gifts and after dessert – a zombie card game!

Our dessert was a gingerbread cake based on a Polish recipe with a thick chocolatey icing and homemade Christmas spice raspberry jam as filling. Very yum and (almost) as satisfying as killing a playing card zombie, I’d say! ;)

A Monster Wedding Cake

24 Sep

Cookie Monster Wedding Cake


So my friends asked me for a special wedding present: to bake their wedding cake. How reckless can one be!?

Yours truly felt insanely flattered though, especially since they specified two kinds of cakes I’ve made a few times before which they wanted. Compliments hardly come any bigger than that, do they?

As cake toppers, they asked me to bake Cookie Monster muffins like I’d done before, and to make one a girl cookie monster. As you know, I am always happy to comply with gender stereotypes, and even happier to dye desiccated coconut pink! :D

Voilà: A Monster Wedding Cake.




The three layers at the bottom are courgette cake – a hazelnutty cake with a hint of cinnamon, which is all lovely and moist from all the courgettes which go into the cake batter. The bride requested the courgette cake.

And the groom did not request anything.

He demanded my poppyseed cake for the top layers. :) Mr. Groom Man is a seriously massive fan of my poppyseed & yoghurt cake.


So I happily complied; I baked three courgette cakes and two poppyseed & yoghurt cakes and made a massive bowl of cream cheese & white chocolate cream to go between the cake layers.

The couple and I had agreed on a semi-naked cake, so I just added some vanilla icing on top of the cake and let it drizzle down the sides of the cake.


The worst part was transporting the cake to the restaurant where they had their reception! I am sure my man would have turned grey (if he still had any hair on his head) driving at about walking speed on a dual carriageway, and I had a heart attack, or two, or seventeen, every time we had to go around bends in the road or, even worse, roundabouts!

But we and the cake made it to the restaurant safely. Phew!

And it was a wonderful wedding, and a beautiful day starring a beautiful bride and a dashing groom.


Cookie Monster Wedding Cake Toppers

No, not them. I was talking about the actual bride and groom.

So here’s to a very happy married life for Alex and Evelien, who, if they ask me to bake a cake for their wedding anniversary, will have to transport it themselves! :-Þ

Half-Birthday Cake

18 Jan

I’ve baked a Half-Birthday Cake! Because I can! Half-Birthday Cake

No time to write much; I reckon you can guess the occasion for the cake. This is the recipe I used for this small cake, and I added one peeled and chopped pear to the batter.


Swedish-ish Almond Cake

21 May

Tradition demands that my mad friends and I get drunk on Eurovision night. So we have motto parties every year to accommodate this tradition. :)

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest host country was Sweden, so we had an Ikea-themed party. I dressed up as a hex key, a costume I can definitely recommend to anyone who is desperate to feel really uncomfortable for an evening!

And I baked a Swedish-ish almond cake:

swedish-ish almond cake 1It’s Swedish-ish firstly because I didn’t stick to any original Swedish recipe but made my own variation of it. The reasons for this are threefold:

  1. I can.
  2. See above.
  3. I had a very specific idea for the “interior look” of my cake, which required a specific texture etc.

swedish-ish almond cake 2And this is also the second way in which my cake is only Swedish-ish: my beloved food colouring has let me down! The blue colouring made the cake turquoise. :(

I like to think, however, that seeing as the whole event was in no way PC, a turquoise-and-yellow Swedish flag just goes with the theme…

Texture was mentioned earlier – I was surprised (and a bit disappointed) how much the weight of the top two layers squashed the bottom layer. The top and the bottom layers were originally of equal height. I must make a note of this for future flag cakes…

Oh, and Denmark won this year’s Eurovision! Vikings ahoy for next year’s party!

Dagobah Cake for Star Wars Day 2013

6 May
Dagobah Cake

Eat the swamp you must!


Happy belated Star Wars Day!

I am late blogging this but I sincerely hope you all had a very Star-Wars-y day last Saturday!

A few friends and I got together, threw some meat on the barbecue and pretended it was fresh Ewok ;) – and then we watched The Empire Strikes Back and ate lovely swamp cake.

Last year, we watched A New Hope, and I made Death Star Cakes.

For this year’s project I baked a chocolate tray bake and created the swamp from several layers of thickened green custard and chocolate cream. I loved how “swampy” the result looked!

Dagobah Cake 2

And I accessorized the cutlery to go with the cake:


Finally, my friend’s son contributed his fighter to make the ensemble perfect:

Dagobah Cake 3

What more could you want for a proper celebration of this very special holiday!? :)


May the Fourth Be With You!


(Yes, I am already making plans for next year’s Return of the Jedi Cake. How’d you guess!?)