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UEFA Euro baking: Pastéis de Nata

9 Jun

You can wear t-shirts and funny hats, and you can attach flags to your car, but deep down you know that the most bestest way to show who you’re rooting for are baked goods.

Today, Germany are playing against Portugal in the UEFA Euro cup. Hence: pastéis de nata! :)

pasteis de nata

They are little puff pastry tarts with a custard-like filling. The recipe I used is a variation of Jamie Oliver’s. So I’m guessing I’m actually far away from anything properly Portuguese with my little custard tarts. But they do come with a flag, so there you go. :)


Mini Mango Coconut Tarts

7 Oct

It was horror film night again last night, and – surprise! – I baked something. Only a little something though, quite literally:

Mini Mango Coconut Tarts
Mini Mango Coconut Tart

I saw the tiny coconut tarts on this blog. So I made a batch because they were so simple to make and because I had all the ingredients at home anyway and because I felt like it and because full stop.

The two main changes: the mango instead of the strawberries, and I used regular butter plus 2 tbsp icing sugar instead of the coconut butter. Not sure I can get coconut butter here anyway… The mango cream was nice but I have a few other ideas for toppings which I will have to toy with.

But all in all, the teeny-weeny tarts are lovely – and made in no time! And they’re the ideal size for snacking while watching people get eaten by possessed would-be zombies on an oversized screen because your friends are technology geeks. :)





Seriously white-chocolatey White Chocolate & Plum Cake

3 Sep

You know you’ve done something right when your favourite cake tester takes a bite and says, “Now that’s a rich cake.” :)

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: my seriously white-chocolatey white chocolate & plum cake!

Seriously White-Chocolatey White Chocolate & Plum Cake

I’ve adapted a recipe from the BBC Good Food website for this one. They call it cheesecake but I’d say that’s a lie. Anyway, it’s lovely and (you wouldn’t guess from the name I gave the cake!) seriously white-chocolatey. I’m almost entirely happy with the way the decoration turned out, too. Definitely making this one again.