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Star Wars Day 2017 – Asparagus Lightsabre Tartelette

4 May


Asparagus Lightsabre Tartelette

Happy Star Wars Day!


Happy 2017!

1 Jan

2017 cheese bites

Happy New Year, everybody!

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but I believe in cheese bites with poppyseed numbers on them.

This year, let’s continue to bake the world a better weirder place!

Wurst-Käs-Szenario [language warning: German]

24 May


Das Motto unserer Eurovision-Party 2015 war, passend zu Conchitas grandiosem Sieg letztes Jahr, WURST-KÄS-SZENARIO!

Weil warum nicht!
(Und, nein, ich wollte wirklich nicht versuchen, das ins Englische zu übersetzen oder irgendwie auf englisch zu erklären.)

Unsere Gäste haben sich wieder mal mächtig ins Zeug gelegt und kamen großartig verkleidet, und bis auf die Musik war’s ein toller Abend!


Aber jetzt zum wichtigsten: KUCHEN.





Ich musste (irgendwie unoriginellerweise) wieder mal meinen Mohnkuchen machen. Der hat einfach echt viele Fans in meinem Freundeskreis (und offensichtlich mehr als The Makemakes und Ann-Dings zusammen, harr harr).

Drauf gab’s zweifärbigen Zuckerguss sowie Wurst und Käselöcher aus gefärbtem Marzipan.

Sieht irgendwie fast ein bisschen unappetitlich aus… Mission accomplished!


Außerdem habe ich auch noch pikante Torten gebacken:





Halbe Sache: Käsetorte

Halbe Sache: Käsetorte


Beide Torten – bzw. die eineinhalb Torten – bestanden aus Kuchenböden, für die ich mein Zucchinikuchen-Rezept abgewandelt habe. Unter anderem hab ich grob gehackte Walnüsse dazugefügt, was dem ganzen echt ne schöne Note verpasst hat. If I may say so myself.

Die Wurst-Käse-Torte war überraschenderweise mit Wurst und Käse gefüllt, und die halbe Sache nur mit Käse. Wer hätt’s gedacht! :D


Deutsche Monsterbake-Blogeinträge sind komisch. I’m going back to bed.

Special Christmas Biscuits for Judy the Dog

27 Dec

Judy's Christmas biscuits

I wasn’t going to do much Christmas baking this year – mostly for lack of big Christmas family reunions with lots of already-overfull stomachs to fill even more…

I get the impression that Christmas biscuits aren’t such a big thing here in Northern Germany anyway. Which is a shame, really, and maybe I should confront my Barbarian friends here with more proper Christmas culture!

What’s even worse: my man’s family don’t do Christmas presents. You heard right, there are no presents by their tree. Zero.

Aaaand even worserer: just because they agreed not to do Christmas presents years ago, they think it’s okay for them to ban me from overruling this rule.

So I acquiesced.


Because then I thought, why try and overrule when you can undermine?


Long story short, I baked special Christmas biscuits for Judy the dog. She was not part of the family when the no-Christmas-presents rule was first introduced, so she never got to have a say in this matter! That’s not fair, is it!?

Judy’s Special Christmas Biscuits are made from oats, flour, egg, chicken broth and ham. I thought they were a bit dry and tasted a bit boring – but then I wasn’t the target group. And Judy loved them.

As did Lotte and Finn, my friends’ dogs, who also got a small box full of Judy’s biscuits. Because she likes to share. Or because I went behind her back…

Three happy dogs and one no-Christmas-presents rule successfully undermined: RESULT! :)

Rosemary Salt & Lemon Biscuits

29 Oct

Rosemary salt and lemon biscuits

Two of the things that happen when you’ve recently moved into a new house: people you like come to visit you (yay!) and bring presents (double-yay!) :D

The traditional present on an occasion like this is bread and salt. Wikipedia says it’s “to wish sedentary, prosperity and fertility.”* I’ll gladly just take one of these three things. Oh, and the bread and salt.

Especially when it’s fancy salt.

Like rosemary sea salt. Yum!

I just had to try it as soon as possible. So I made these rosemary salt  and lemon biscuits, taking a beautiful recipe for savoury biscuits and then “adapting” it beyond recognition. It’s what I do best! :)

The result is highly satisfactory. So now I will have to try and recreate them and also remember the recipe, so I may even be able to post it on here…



* Fancy footnote to prove I’ve used a semi-legitimate source


Brokkoli & Smoked Trout Strudel with Wild Garlic!

7 Apr

Let me tell you a sad, sad story with a happy ending!

Last Thursday, I received sad news indeed. Friday’s training session was cancelled. No boxing on Friday night! Don’t cry for me, though, dear reader, for I came up with an alternative. This alternative couldn’t make up for the missed boxing training but it lead to the happy ending of my wonderful story: I went cycling on Friday morning. And after about 30 minutes, I found myself in the woods and overwhelmed by the loveliest smell! Either I had died and gone to heaven (part two not being bloody likely! ;) – or it’s wild garlic* season!

* aka ramsons, buckrams, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek or bear’s garlic. Or so Wikipedia says.

There was wild garlic everywhere. So I got off my bike, gathered as much of the stuff as my bicycle basket would hold, and then cycled home smelling slightly garlic-y.

Great story, isn’t it? :)

And in the evening of that lovely day I made:

brokkoli & smoked trout strudel with wild garlic

brokkoli and smoked trout strudel with wild garlic

Much more yummy looking (and yummy!) in real life. Sorry you missed it! :-P

I used store-bought puff pastry. The filling is really just cooked brokkoli, smoked trout, chopped-up wild garlic, some cream cheese and a handful of kalwanji seeds. The strudel was extremely easy to make, and it tasted so. Flipping. Nice.

The hardest part was standing my ground in the discussion with two males from Northern Germany who had never heard of savoury strudel. Barbarians! (They liked the result, though. I win!)

Oh, and 48 hours later I think I can safely say that apparently I picked little to no lily of the valley or meadow saffron leaves with the wild garlic. (Both these leaves look very much like wild garlic but are highly poisonous!) I win again! :)

By the way, I went back to the woods and gathered some more, MORE, MOOOOOOOOORE. Expect me to smell of wild garlic for the next two weeks. :)


Eurovision Disco Cake Balls et al

26 May

Eurovision Disco Cake BallsD – I – S – C – O!

It’s Eurovision day, are you excited?

There’s Eurovision decoration all over the living room; there’s a lot of champagne in the fridge; my costume is ready to be put on; scorecards and drinking game rules have been printed off for all my guests; and of course there’s food. Sounds like the perfect set-up for a perfect night to me!

My main treat for my mad friends (Not the zombie film gang, though; I have more mad friends! And the boys aren’t cool enough for the Eurovision) are disco cake balls. They are strawberry and vanilla cake truffles covered in white chocolate and decorated with girlie glittery sugar sprinkles. Disco! :)

Orange Chocolate Cake Balls

Looking slightly more grown-up – fie! – yet also rather delicious, these are orange and chocolate cake balls. Made from, you guessed it, orange and chocolate cake.

This past week, I’ve had to convince somebody that oranges and chocolate are an awesome combination, which in turn has made me fall in love with it all over again!

mini strudels

And finally I am feeding my friends mini strudels. I was going to make crescents (I used the same dough) but I decided to go for a slightly different shape because I am a rebel like that. :)

There are three fillings: cheese, ham and spring onion; dried tomato and chilli; and dried tomato and poppyseed.

A friend gave me a small jar of dried tomato paste a while ago, and I never knew quite what to use it for. Now I think I have found a very good use for the lovely stuff!

That’s it; I’m ready. Let’s get the party started!