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New Year’s Monsters for Good Luck

23 Jan

New Years Monsters

Happy New Year!

If you haven’t spent most of January asleep and/or hungover, I don’t want to be you.

So the new year has now finally officially begun in monsterbake land, and this is why it’s time to post the monster cakes I baked for New Year’s Day.

In the German-speaking world, it’s custom to give people little pigs for good luck on New Year’s Eve, and to regift the ones you’ve received on the first days of the new year. This year, however, I spent New Year’s Day with such nice people that I really wanted to bake good-luck charms especially for them.

Problem: I cannot bake little pigs for good luck. Or for love or money.

So instead I did what I do best I am less rubbish at. I baked monster cakes. Little monsters with a hint of orange, and dark and white chocolate decoration.

If your new year hasn’t started with little monster cakes, I really don’t want to be you. :-Þ

Have a monster 2016 everybody!!


Are you in Halloween mood yet?

21 Dec

Halloween Cake

What do you mean, I’m late? Monsterbake is never late. Or early. She blogs just when she intended to.

Or something like that.


In fact, it’s been so long since this cake was made, and consumed, that I cannot remember what kind of cake it was at all.

I can tell you it had chocolate icing.

And little sugar skulls and bones.

Not bad, eh?


Ah, Halloween. Don’t you just love it?


Happy holidays! :)

Evil Lemon Shark

4 Aug

Evil Lemon Shark Cake

This is not a blog post which is going to be filed in the category ‘cute’.

For the shark is eeeeeeeeeeeevil. – I hope you can see that! :)

I realised the other day that the one cake I’d never made for my film group mates is a proper shark cake. How could I have let this happen!?

So I baked another lemon shark. It’s a light lemon sponge cake with lemon sugar icing, and this time I used chocolate for the face.

Sadly, we didn’t watch a shark film but an Italian 80’s zombie film instead. So bad it was serious fun. :)

Black & white sesame seeds cake with honey

26 Jul

Black & white sesame seeds cake with honey


I’ve just spent literally minutes (!) writing my blog entry about my black & white sesame seeds cake with honey, and then something went wrong and now everything I’ve written is gone and I am annoyed.

I refuse to write another lovely blog entry. I’ve used up all my loveliness for today. (For this month, actually!)

I like black sesame seeds, though. They look cool, and they are almost as dark as my soul.

Brain Cakes

14 Jul

brain cakes

Yesterday was the third (!) Friday the 13th this year, and the second one we “celebrated” in our film group. We watched Friday the 13th Part 2, of course. Yay for Eighties tackiness! :)

After my first Friday the 13th cake earlier this year, it was obvious I had to bake another theme cake. Also: I wanted to. :)

The white chocolate cream cheese topping I made for my strawberry fromage frais muffins inspired me to make brains. I thought the texture of the stuff was perfect, and with the help of a little black food colouring I hoped I could get a nice brain hue. :)

The cakes, both for the bases and the brains, are simple sponge cakes. I added a dash of rum, some melted caramel chocolate and chopped crunchy caramel sweets. Yum.

I baked two small round cakes and two small hemispherical cakes. The bases were covered with dark chocolate. I am quite pleased with the look of the chocolate dripping down the sides of the cakes and the pools at the bottom. Try not to think of congealed blood. :)

Piping on the brains was not an easy feat, and I am not one hundred percent satisfied. But I never am. So. Meh. (Wow, I am so eloquent today!)

No, all in all the cakes looked brainy enough. And my mates liked them, and all the cake was gone rather quickly. Result, I say! :)

Cheeseburger Cakes

30 Jun

Cheeseburger cakes

Two occasions this weekend: it was zombie film night last night, and it’s a friend’s birthday today. We needed manly man cakes! :)

I have this really cute little baking tin which makes a tiny round cake for two people or four people who want really small slices (or one me!) :) – and the other day a very sizeist (!) person mistook one of those cute little cakes for a hamburger. Grrrr.

On the plus side, this incident inspired me to make burger cakes.

The buns are regular light sponge cakes with some sesame seeds sprinkled on top. For the meat burgers, I baked smaller cocoa sponges and covered them with a mixture of melted dark and hazelnut chocolates.

Marzipan (and some food colouring) was used for the cheese slices. Then I cut up some jelly sweets for the salad/cucumbers and tomatoes. Finally, I made some white chocolate ganache, coloured it with food colouring, and thus it became mustard.

I am very much in love with the result, I must admit. May have to make them again some time!

UEFA Euro baking: St George’s Cross Victoria sandwich

15 Jun


Well, what can I say. You should not be surprised that I am rooting for England in tonight’s match. Not that I don’t like the Swedes, but in this case – sorry guys. If it’s any consolation, I will be baking lots of Swedish stuff for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest party! :D

I had  considered making shortbread for my England-themed UEFA Euro baking but I just loved the idea of the strawberry cross on top of the Victoria sandwich too much. BBC GoodFood did a similar thing for their Jubilee-themed cake; this is where I stole the idea got the inspiration from.

For the uninitiated: the classic Victoria sandwich consists of two layers of light sponge cake with whipped or vanilla cream and raspberry or strawberry jam in the middle.

It’s the first time I made one, and I think the sponge has turned out alright. However, there’s waaay too much filling. This cake will be no fun to cut up and serve. I’ll have one of my mates do that. :)