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Whiskey Kisses for St Patrick’s Day

19 Mar

Whiskey kisses

Save all your kisses for me… And make the filling green! :)

Of course you know that it was St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, and of course you know that this means that we were OBLIGED to have a party. You cannot back away from a duty like that. There are some things in life you simply have to do. Full stop.

My friend made a lovely cottage pie for us (in a green casserole dish!), another friend baked an awesomely decadent Guinness cake, and my contribution were the whiskey kisses. Baking them was so much fun! The smell of whiskey in the kitchen (and everywhere else in our house) was overpowering. Nothing like getting drunk on baking smells at 7 o’clock in the morning! :)


Earl Grey Tea Mini Muffins and Kisses

16 Jan

At some times in your life you will find yourself in a difficult situation. And sometimes you will struggle to find a solution. At other times, the perfect way out is obvious …

Situation: a big container of yoghurt has been opened, yet only 4 tbsp were used.

Problem: I don’t like plain yoghurt, but I would like having to throw away that much yoghurt even less.

Solution: Early Grey tea mini muffins!

Earl Grey tea mini muffins

Earl Grey tea mini muffins

I’ve had this recipe on my to-do list for a long time now. Yesterday, the time was finally ripe.

As usual, I changed the recipe a little bit. You may have guessed by now that I used yoghurt rather than buttermilk for one.

The result was okay but I must say that I think they really need the sugar icing. – And that inspired me to try out Earl Grey tea kisses.

Using the second half of the muffin batter, I made biscuit/cake-like things… I guess they are something like whoopie pies. I call them Earl Grey tea kisses, having recently fallen in love with New Zealand’s ginger kisses.

The filling is based on the sugar icing, with added milk, butter and Earl Grey tea.

Earl Grey tea kisses

Earl Grey tea kisses

To be honest, I don’t think I’ll be making these again. They are nice but not overwhelmingly good. But! I have just added a new category: kisses. Stay tuned for more kisses experiments soon…

Taking these pictures was fun!

Flying kisses! Wheeeee!