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Lime cake pops and cake balls

4 Nov


Lime Cake Pop


I’m not one to admit defeat easily.


Today it’s official. I am giving up on the lime yoghurt cake recipe. It’s not you, recipe, it’s me. It’s just not working out. I have been seeing other recipes anyway.

The last of the lime cake has been turned into cake balls and cake pops. It’s still a seriously yummy cake; it’s just that the texture means I can really only use it for cake pops and balls. Not the worst thing that could happen, though. The stuff is delicious. And I got to use my new green sugar sprinkles! :)


Lime Cake Balls

No, the inside is not pretty. But then again, in all probability neither is yours. :-P



Old: Cake Pops

20 Aug

I always follow every trend out there. That’s why I change clothes every two minutes.* And also why I had to bake cake pops! I wasn’t too happy with the recipe or the method but I liked the way they looked. Or most of them did, at least. Decorating cake pops is so much fun and turns the kitchen into such a great mess!

This one looks like it's got a bad disease! Hee!

* Anybody remember The Mighty Boosh? “It’s so cutting edge it goes out of date every three hours. You can’t get it in the shops, it’s delivered by ninjas!”