A different kind of baking-related project

15 Feb

I am allowed to (finally!)* blog about this because even though no baking ingredients or oven are involved, it is still a baking-related project. And it’s homemade and everything! :) (And I make the decisions what goes on this blog and what doesn’t anyway. Hah. ;)

Husband and myself made our very own cake stand. I’d wanted to own one for a long time but I must admit that they always seemed too pricey in the end. Or I was too lazy in the end. Or something in the end. Fact is, I never bought one. Which is good, as it turns out, because when we were inspired to make our music-themed cake stand we didn’t have to throw a store-bought one out to make space! :)

Here’s a little making-of picture story for you – click on any picture to start the slide show:

* We actually made the cake stands way back in early January. Notice the plural? One was given to our music-loving friend for his birthday. Is it too much if I say it was an awesome present? Because I really think it was! ;)


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