Jaffa Cakes Cakes

8 Mar

Everybody seems to love Jaffa Cakes. I mean, everybody. Personally, I don’t dislike them but I am not quite as in love with them as some people I know. The combination of flavours is nice but I always find the texture a bit … meh.

About two years ago I was on a quest to out-do Jaffa Cakes by making a Jaffa Cakes cake but I never got it quite right. And then I gave it up. No, that’s not right. I didn’t give up. I simply forgot about my quest. Probably distracted by something shiny…

Anyway, the quest was suddenly back on again when my friend’s birthday was coming up. Jaffa Cakes are her favourite biscuits. I don’t need more reason than that. :)

VoilĂ :

Jaffa Cake cake

I baked slightly orangey muffins. Then I dissolved some gelatine in orange juice and waited until it was just about to set. Spread some of the orange juice goo* onto the muffins, top it all with chocolate, and that’s all there’s to it!

They are not perfect, though. Sigh. The taste of orange is not strong enough.


* Way to make my cakes sound yummy, I know.
But goo is a fun word to say or even type.
Goo. :)


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